Perspectives: I Believe In Hillary’s Passion

Perspectives: I Believe In Hillary’s Passion

In this installment of College Democrats of North Dakota’s Perspectives Blog Series, UND junior Laura Allensworth shares why she supports Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Allensworth’s post is the final of three by students each supporting a different Democratic candidate.

As some of you may be aware, former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the running to become the next leader of our great nation. I, for one, am excited. Let me tell you why you should be too.

It would be redundant to recall Clinton’s years of political experience and qualifications to be the leader of our country, but just for fun I will. As a young lawyer Hillary cofounded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families; In 2000, she became the first female senator in the state of New York (winning re-election in 2006); she then served as Secretary of State under the Obama administration from 2008-2013. Hillary Clinton is an experienced politician who knows how our legal system works; and isn’t afraid to speak up on the issues that matter. Clinton reaches across the aisle, when she needs to. To quote Clinton herself, “She’s a progressive that gets things done.”

It’s 2016; we have solar powered houses, hover boards, Siri, and Jennifer Lawrence. So why are women still only making seventy-nine cents for every dollar that a man makes? Hillary doesn’t think this is okay either. She has been a long time champion for women’s rights. Clinton stands with Planned Parenthood, and is willing to defend it from the threat of a shutdown taking with it funding that helps women receive physical examinations, mammograms, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and a safe abortion. The Democratic Party, as a whole, prides itself as being supportive for women’s rights, but for Hillary it goes even a step further. It’s personal for her, and I, as a voter, can believe in her passion.

Aside from women’s rights, Hillary is also a champion for families. She has dedicated her life to the improvement of children’s lives, by giving them the proper health care and an education they deserve. Clinton was also a key supporter of the Affordable Health Care Act, which has helped countless Americans get the health care they need.

Hillary wants to help hardworking Americans succeed. Like many Americans, Clinton understands the frustration of the 1% of affluent Americans getting tax breaks, while middle and lower class Americans struggle.

Clinton promises to give families “a fair shake”. Hillary Clinton is the right choice for America. Nothing has come handed to her. She worked hard to get to where she is now, and she’ll work just as hard to get America where it needs to be. Hillary just gets it.

Laura Allensworth
Class of 2018
University of North Dakota

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