North Dakota DEM-NPL Seeking Applications for Executive Director

North Dakota DEM-NPL Seeking Applications for Executive Director

North Dakota DEM-NPL Executive Director Chad Oban has informed the DEM-NPL Policy Committee of his intention to step down on May 1. Oban has served as executive director since January 2013.


The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party is now announcing the job opening for the position of Executive Director. Below you will find the job description and requirements for this position.

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and references to by Monday, April 6, 2015.

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director

REPORTS TO: Chair of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party and Executive Committee

THE ORGANIZATION: North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party

SCOPE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Executive Director, in collaboration with the State Chair and the Executive Committee, oversees all programmatic and fundraising activities for the state party. The Executive Director’s main objectives include building a strong State Party, recruiting new candidates, and winning elections in a competitive environment. He or she must be reliable, honest, loyal, and discreet. The Executive Director reports to the State Party Chair and the Executive Committee of the Party.


  • Developing and implementing campaign plans to win elections at the local, federal, and statewide levels
  • Serve as the chief strategist for the North Dakota DEM-NPL
  • Oversee the coordinated campaign efforts and coordination of consultants’ activities during election years
  • Working with field personnel to maintain and expand grassroots efforts and primary base
  • Stay up-to-date on technology involved with Party building and winning elections
  • Managing relationships both in-state and across the United States
  • Hiring additional personnel based on need and decisions made by Executive Committee
  • Perform staff reviews and encouraging staff development
  • Reviewing and restructuring staff functions and responsibilities as necessary
  • Directing fundraising efforts, develop strategy, and work with finance staff or consultants to implement plan
  • Oversee programming such as volunteer recruitment and retention, including during non-election years
  • Working with Chair, Treasurer and Staff to develop and adhere to operating budget
  • Coordinate with Party Secretary and Staff in preparing written reports for all meetings of the Executive Committee
  • Acting as liaison with the staffs of the Democratic National Committee and the Association of State Democratic Chairs
  • Attending ASDC, DNC, and District and Regional Party meetings
  • Ensuring that all campaign finance reports, tax returns, and other required reports are accurately filed by Compliance Consultant, on time
  • Working with Communications Director to issue press releases, speak on behalf of Party where appropriate, and present the Dem-NPL in a positive and professional light
  • Overseeing and maintaining relationships with the Dem-NPL leaders, elected officials, key constituencies, and donors both in-state and nationally
  • Developing training programs for the State Party, including precincy/district leaders and candidate training sessions
  • Overseeing development and production of party-building and message delivery tools, including newsletters, briefings, website, social media outlets, brochures, etc.
  • Organizing all meetings of the Executive Committee and Policy Committee as required by the Party Bylaws
  • Demonstrating an understanding of all aspects of elections including state of the art campaign techniques, campaign planning, targeting, polling, election law, GOTV programs, party building, and pre-election planning


  • Six (6) years experience in Executive/Senior level management in political campaigns but could also include non-profit, private industry, or the public sector. Ideally, experience would include a combination of the above-mentioned sectors including previous success in local, state, and/or federal campaigns.
  • A proven successful executive with the ability to provide internal and external leadership to the Party in order to achieve political and financial objectives
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and execute strategic political strategies and manage tactical execution to achieve results
  • A passionate executive with a track record of success and professionalism at the leadership level in political campaigns, public sector, non-profit, and/or private industry
  • An excellent internal leader, recognized for the ability to develop, motivate, manage, and build functional teams that achieve and maintain superior performance
  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain a credible reputation and high profile presence in the community on behalf of the Party
  • Proven excellence in written and oral communication as well as media experience are essential
  • Experience in soliciting and securing donor dollars, both in-state and nationally

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree is required

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