Axness, Reisenauer introduce ‘Broadband North Dakota’ to advance, improve state’s technology infrastructure

Axness, Reisenauer introduce ‘Broadband North Dakota’ to advance, improve state’s technology infrastructure

PSC candidates unveil ‘Broadband North Dakota’; initiative will provide North Dakota consumers with superior service and provide an economic advantage to North Dakota businesses

(FARGO, ND) – Saying it’s time for North Dakota to enter into the 21st Century in telecommunications, Public Service Commission (PSC) candidates Tyler Axness and Todd Reisenauer announced today their policy initiative to give North Dakota businesses and consumers an economic advantage.

‘Broadband North Dakota’ looks to advance North Dakota’s telecommunications infrastructure by incentivizing technology upgrades and providing universal access for every household and business in the state.

“With today’s energy boom, the ongoing railroad backlog, and their failure on pipeline oversight, it is easy to forget that the Public Service Commission also has a significant responsibility overseeing telecommunications in our state. Their record leaves a lot to be desired. And their failure to lead has put North Dakota’s businesses at a competitive disadvantage and have kept too many of our residents locked in the 1990s,” said Axness.

“We are highlighting the current PSC’s failure to ensure basic consumer protections,” Axness continued. “Far from being business and consumer friendly, the members on the PSC seem to have forgotten who they represent in Bismarck.”

Todd-ReisenauerReisenauer adds: “Even with projections of this energy boom lasting possibly into the middle of the century, the reality is we must diversify and foster an environment where North Dakota businesses have the infrastructure capabilities not only to compete but to also be industry leaders. We will close the communication gap that exists in remote areas of western North Dakota. Doing so will enable a vast network of sensors and monitors which can be used to notify state leaders of an accident in real-time as well as dispatch first responders and alert environmental cleanup teams.”

“Tyler and I realize that sound leadership comes from the ability to listen and effectively build two-way communications with today’s industry leaders and bring to light the ideas of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs,” added Reisenauer.

“With new ideas and new leadership we can incentivize 21st Century communication infrastructure investment and modernize the state’s Internet system to provide an economic advantage for North Dakota’s communities, our businesses and entrepreneurs,” stated Axness.

The Axness-Reisenauer “Broadband North Dakota” Initiative

1) Standardize Residential Internet Speed of Six (6) Megabytes Per Second: Every resident in North Dakota will have access to reliable Internet regardless of geographic location.

2) Business Class Internet and Creation of a “Gig City”: Businesses in North Dakota will have the opportunity to access internet speeds of up to a gig.

3) Fully Developed Communications Network to the Oil Patch: Enable a vast network of sensors and monitors to communicate with state leaders in Bismarck on safety hazards.

4) Incentivizing Technology Infrastructure Development through Tax Credits and Low Interest Loans through the Bank of North Dakota: Incentivizes providers to upgrade technology infrastructure.

Axness is seeking the special two-year term on the PSC. Originally from Leeds, Axness represents Fargo’s District 16 in the North Dakota Senate and is the communication and policy coordinator for the Freedom Resource Center. Reisenauer, an independent business consultant with extensive experience in business development, is seeking the six-year term on the PSC. He is originally from Dickinson and now lives in Fargo.

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