April Fairfield launches campaign for Secretary of State

April Fairfield launches campaign for Secretary of State

BISMARCK, ND – April Fairfield formally announced today that she is seeking the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party endorsement for Secretary of State. She made her announcement in Bismarck.

Fairfield, a non-profit executive director, is a former state legislator from Eldridge who served in the Senate from 2002 to 2006 and in the House of Representatives from 1996 to 2002. She is well versed in public policy analysis. Fairfield served as a farm and trade policy analyst for North Dakota Farmers Union and a state budget analyst for the North Dakota Economic Policy Project.

“As a non-profit executive, I understand the importance of the Secretary of State’s office and I’m troubled by the culture of incompetence that is plaguing the office. Mismanagement in the Secretary of State’s office has a ripple effect that adversely impacts our state’s voters, business community, and charitable organizations.

“Al Jaeger has been Secretary of State for the past 22 years. His record over that time has been one of incompetence and mismanagement. That’s not a personal attack. It’s a matter of public record.

“Taxpayers have seen millions of dollars wasted on an I.T. project. Paperwork for third party candidates has been misplaced. Citizens have had submitted petitions turned down on technicalities while Jaeger has submitted the wrong language for ballot measures. Our servicemen and women have had their ballots sent out late. Jaeger even shut his office down during official hours so his staff could catch up on paperwork. Now, almost a year after the Legislature passed a new voter I.D. law, Jaeger is just starting a public information campaign to inform voters. He’s too late. Many local special elections have already been held that highlighted problems with the law.

“For perspective, when Jaeger was first elected George H.W. Bush was president and Johnny Carson had just retired from ‘The Tonight Show.’ Twenty-two years is enough. Voters and taxpayers can’t afford another four years of his incompetence. I’m running for Secretary of State to bring new energy to the office. I promise to reestablish the Secretary of State’s office as an effective, non-partisan agency of state government. As a former legislator, I understand the legislative process and state budgeting. This campaign is not about political party – it’s about competence and efficiency. I intend to bring both those qualities back to the Secretary of State’s office. North Dakotans deserve nothing less than that.”

Fairfield is originally from the Jamestown area. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from Jamestown College and is also a Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow. Fairfield now lives in Bismarck with her husband and daughter.

North Dakota Democrats will hold their State Convention in Fargo this weekend, March 28-30.

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