District 43 Democrats endorse JoNell Bakke for State Senate

District 43 Democrats endorse JoNell Bakke for State Senate

Former State Senator wants to bring balance back to State Legislature, says Republican supermajority is failing to invest in North Dakota’s needs, future

(GRAND FORKS, ND) – JoNell Bakke was endorsed to run for the North Dakota Senate representing District 43 on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at the North Dakota Democratic-NPL District Convention. Bakke served in the North Dakota Senate from 2006 to 2010 and will be seeking an opportunity to return to Bismarck.

“I look forward to returning to Bismarck to continue my work with my colleagues in the Legislature. North Dakota’s economy is growing due to the oil and gas boom but the Republican supermajority in the Legislature doesn’t have a plan to address our long-term needs,” says Bakke.

“They’re squandering the chance to capitalize on this incredible opportunity. They’re failing to invest in infrastructure, education, and health care needs. It’s not good enough to just respond. We must plan. We owe this to future generations.”

Bakke attended the University of North Dakota where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Elementary and Special Education. She recently retired after 30 years of teaching for the Grand Forks Public Schools teaching at Belmont, Lake Agassiz, and Schroeder. Bakke has been active at the local, state, and national level with the National Education Association, served as chair of the North Dakota Women’s Network, Chair of the Area Health Education Centers Advisory Board, and Vice Chair of the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition. Bakke has trained foster and adoptive parents for Grand Forks County for over 15 years and is a foster parent with her husband, Greg. Together, the Bakkes have four children, a son-in-law and daughter-in-law as well as two grandsons and a granddaughter due in June.

During Bakke’s first Senate term, she sponsored legislation that gave the state full-day, fully funded kindergarten. She plans to continue her work in the areas of early education, women’s issues, affordable college tuition, and support for individuals with mental health issues. Bakke is also committed to establishing a state level ethics commission and a state level human rights commission.

“With only 80 days to legislate, our legislators don’t have time for political games,” adds Bakke. “The current Legislature is politically unbalanced. The Republican supermajority is making it difficult to hold our public officials accountable for the decisions they make. This election we need to bring balance back to Bismarck in order to ensure that all citizens are heard and their needs are valued over the desires of special interest groups. ”


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